Monday, 19 November 2012

Quirky Animal Realism Prints

Animal Character prints are soon to be appearing on ladies tops,knitwear and nightwear. The trend is to make the prints look more life like as oppose to cute cartoons  as seen in previous seasons. The animals themselves look more life like but then have a quirky edge by adding bow-tie's ,Hats ,glasses etc. Although there is already a few of these prints around at the moment the trend is defiantly going to be much bigger next year. I am currently working on a few Animal placement prints for the UK highstreet which will be in store next Autumn winter 13. Below are some pictures I used for inspiration when working on my designs.

fashion fox prints
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tiger dog and pug prints


Deepti Kapila said...

Great to learn that animal quirky prints will be bigger next year. Love them


emma fedorko said...

Glad you like them too, my favourites are the fox prints.
Emma x

Mitha Komala said...

those sweaters are so cool! love it to core xx

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