Friday, 23 November 2012

Animal Print Tutorial

Following the animal prints in the last post I thought I would show you a quick tutorial as to how I go about producing such a design. 

step 1

Take a picture of your animal or find a good copyright free high quality image and open this in adobe photoshop CS5. 
vector fashion tutorial

step 2

select the filter gallery from the top menu bar and select the cutout filter, I then adjusted the settings number of levels 8 ,edge simplicity 0, edge fidelity 3, this then changed the picture from a photo print to more of a simple print with fewer colours and detail.

illustrator cut out filter

step 3

I then selected some photo's of a hat and a bow tie that I liked and and placed each one on a separate layer and added the same filter as in step 2.

step 4 

I then deleted any background they had by selecting the magic wand on the area I wanted to delete and then pressed the delete button.

step 5

I then adjusted the size of the hat and bow tie by using the scale tool which is under the edit tab -transform-scale, I then used the rotate tool  to get the right angle of each one,this is found in the  free transform- rotate, under the edit tab at the top menu bar.
photoshop tutorial

step 6

Then to change the colour of the hat and bowtie I selected a pink colour I liked from the swatches palette and then selected  image tab from the top menu bar, adjust-hue and saturation , in this box I selected colourise and then moved each bar to get the desired colour.

photoshop cs5 tutorialstep 7 

Then before I placed my final print into illustrator I checked there was no white background in the layers palette highlighted, the background should look transparent. That part is now finished and 
I then placed my image onto my vector design I had created in illustrator.
see below one finished Pyjama style.

fashion design pyjama cad

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