Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Top 5 Fashion Apps

If your a smart phone lover or I Pad crazy then I am sure you will have a few fashion apps on your devices. Personally I would find it difficult now to do without my I-phone I just cant resist to check out my  favorite sites and keep up-to date with all the latest fashion news.There is so many fashion apps available its can be hard deciding  which ones to install  So I have compiled a list of my personal favorites  I would also love to know what  your favorite apps are.


I Am a massive lover of Pinterest, If you haven't heard of it, its basically somewhere you can pin all your favorite pictures into categorized boards you create, you can search and follow other people and find some really inspiring pictures if you click on a picture it then gives you an option of repining it and if you then click it again it takes you to the original source where it came from, which is a great way of finding interesting blogs and sites. The only downside to pinning on your I- phone is you can't pin from websites like you can on your PC, well at least if you can I haven't worked out how to do it yet, but the app is still great for searching the site itself. You can follow me on Pinterest  here and we can then begin sharing our inspiring images.
pinterest mobile image

I love this app, In my opinion its the best shopping app it has various categories women ,men, kids and home and you can search and look at thumbnail pictures of hundreds of items from over 300 outlets it allows you to customize the search so you can find the right colour, size and price range, its great for finding bargains.
shopstyle online fashion app


This is an app where people upload there look its great for inspiring street wear pics each picture has a number rating depending on how many views it has had, so you can do a search for what's hot being the most popular.


This is a great site for keeping up-to date  with up and coming trends fashion news and catwalks.
The only downside to this app is there is only so much that is free and some of the content can only be read if you subscribe, one month subscription is £1.99 , 12 months £8.99


The best app for viewing the latest catwalk shows, it has full coverage of all the shows plus a great archive, it also has videos and photos from all the latest parties and a fantastic style blog style fashion trend

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