Saturday, 6 October 2012

Job Advice for Wannabe fashion designers

I am Quite Often asked by wannabe Designers how do you go about getting your first job. The competition is so high and unfortunately many students have to go into other areas when leaving university, I think its generally because they just don't know how to go about getting their foot in the door. So I thought I would list a few tips to help you get your first break.

  • Keep your portfolio up to date and relevant , this is obvious but surprising how many people don't have Current work to show in a interview specially if they may of been out of work for a while. Also tailor your portfolio to the job you are going to, if you don't have designs to show that are not similar to what the company is looking for then you must do some specially. For the first couple of jobs I got I produced work specially for that interview it then led to second interviews and eventually the job, it shows commitment from the beginning also shows the employer you are hard working and you understand the product.
  • Join local Fashion Industry agencies, there is a number of them not far away from where I live. In the UK most are Manchester or London based, I'm sure if you goggle it, you can find phone numbers. Join as many as you can and keep ringing them for updates, that way when a junior position comes up you will be the fist they think of.
  • go on to and look up fashion importers and designers, send out hard copies of your CV to Head of design  with a good covering letter stated what you have to offer. I managed to get my first two jobs this way, I sent out about 50 letters when I left university and within 2 months I was asked to go for an interview, this is a much better way of getting a interview as you may find you are the only person they interview, it saves the company having to pay agency fee's. If you don't want to send hard copies give them a ring and try and find out there email address while your on ask them if they have any vacancies.It may be an idea to send a copy of your best work to gain some interest.
  • Work for free, sounds crazy but if all else fails get a work placement some where you would like to work but for around 3 months, by the end of it the company will be so used to all hard work you have put in they wont want to see you go. We have had a few work experience students and once they have proved themselves we offered them a job.
  • look presentable, you don't need to wear a suit, but I think its important to  show creativity in your choice of clothes and maybe wear something that is a current trend, sounds terrible that people judge you by what you wear but unfortunately seems to be the case in this industry, I have been frustrated myself in the past when I have seen designer's who look the part in head to toe in designer gear get the job and then turn out to be not all they seem, it does annoy me but I still believe looking the part still  has a part to play in the employee making there decision.
  • Join Twitter,linkedin  and other social networking sites, promote your self on your pages and follow people and company;s who may have vacancies and advise. set up a tumbler, flicker or blog promoting your work.
I hope this advise may help one of you if you have any questions regarding getting a design job just comment below, or send me a message and I will try to help.


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